3 May 1864

Mrs. Thomas L. Bailey, Gales Ferry, Connecticut; postmarked Portsmouth, Va.

Camp near Portsmouth, Va.
Tuesday, May 3, 1863 [should be 1864]

My dear Nellie,

You will no doubt be surprised to learn that we are again in the vicinity of Portsmouth, but so it is. We took transport at Little Washington last Tuesday afternoon and arrived here yesterday. We had a rather long and tedious passage of it. We came on a schooner from Hatteras to Fort Monroe. Little Washington is evacuated. I do not know the reason of it. The  Rebels made a little show in front of the place and then fell back. I think Grant is going to evacuate all such small places and concentrate his troops for something big. I think we were lucky to come here instead of going to Yorktown as most of the troops are sent there from this way. I do not know what is our duty here, or whether we will stay here long.

We had a terrible thunderstorm last night. It blew down our tent and we went into another one. The mail is going soon so I will have to stop. I will write more next time. I am out in the wind and it blows my paper around so I can hardly write. I think I will put $40 in this. Love and kisses. — Thomas

P.S. I have not seen any of the old friends here. We were marched through the place & so did not have much chance. We are on the Negro Campground where Mrs. L and me went for a walk one afternoon. — T.