6 May 1864

Friday 6th. I commenced this letter Wednesday as you will see and I intended to have sent it yesterday but got a pass to go to Fortress Monroe so thought I had better go and leave the letter until today for if I had not gone yesterday, do not know when I could have gone. Charlie Gallup went with me. We went in a steamboat. Started at 8 o’clock a.m. and come back at 5 p.m. There is not much to be seen outside of the fort and they would not let us in unless we had a pass from the [provost] marshal there and that we could not get. So we amused ourselves as best we could. We saw the Union Gun — the largest one they have. It was outside of the fort but they were just going to move it in. Its weight is 49,099 lbs., caliber 15 inches, & length about 16 feet. I had heard so much about it that I wanted to see it.

Charlie had his picture taken so thought I would have mine. It is a poor one as usual. It cost me one dollar & fifty cents and I am very much dissatisfied with it. It is altogether too light but then perhaps you can give some idea how I look by the outlines.

I am on guard today and have got to write what I do write in a hurry. Do not know as you can make it all out. When I returned last night from the fort, George Meech told me that Dwight Satterlee had been to our quarters to see me. I was very much pleased to think that someone had come from home that I knew. He is in the 11th Connecticut Regiment [serving as] assistant surgeon. I went over last evening and had a long talk with him. He seems just about the same as ever. He is in our division so I shall see him often. I believe I have received 3 letters from you since I have wrote but forgive me this time & I will try to do better in future.

From your ever loving husband, — T. L. Bailey