9 January 1865

First Division P. R. [Point of Rocks] Hospital
January 9th 1865

Dear Nellie,

I sent you a long letter yesterday and soon after I had mailed it, my check was handed in by one of the boys from the company who is detailed here. I was very glad to get it, more on your account than on my own, for I knew you must be in want of the money as you only had $2 by you. So I will forward it and wish it was for four times the amount.

I have heard today that Gen’l Butler has been ordered home &c. I think it was time that something was done with him but he has made a fortune out of this war. It is said that his troops gave three hearty cheers when they heard he was relieved. I know they used to hate him.

With love and many sweet kisses, I am your fond husband, — Thomas

Tuesday morning. It has rained all night and is still raining. The mud is awful. Our tent leaked badly and I awoke this morning and found it had leaked in my bed. I have got a bad cold which makes me feel about sick. There is three ladies here cooking. I do not know their names or where they are from. Will let you know more about them in due time if I find out anything about them. — T

If this is lost it will not be because the address is not long enough.